Gray Rubbertip Bumper for 5″ Kickdown Door Stop: GRAY


Item number: 1467 – RUB
Finish: gray rubber bumper


RUBBER BUMPER FOR 5″ Kickdown Door Stop Holder 1467
Item # 1467-RUB

Product Description:

Replacement Rubber tip for 5″ Kickdown Door Stop Holder. Fits our Item#1467. The Kickdown Door Holder does NOT have to be removed from the door to replace the rubber tip.


  • Gray rubber bumper.
  • 1 each, packed with a screw in a clear polybag.
  • Easy to replace and install.

Product Dimensions (all measurements are approximate):

  • Inside diameter: 5/8″
  • Depth/Height of Inside: 3/8″
  • Width of the rubber tip: 1.05″ diameter

Product Specs Sheet (pdf file)

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